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Geodesy and Geoinformation

Geoinformation and Spatial Developement

About the profile

Since 2007, more than half of the world's population has been living in towns and urban regions. Rapid urbanization forces the consumption of natural resources—especially of land—and leads to climate change as well as social inequity.  The MSc profile “Geoinformation and Spatial Development” focuses on geoinformation technology that can help decision makers and planners tackle these challenges. In particular, to account for the fact that relevant information is often hidden within vast amounts of data, the profile covers advanced methods and systems, including data structures and algorithms for the automatic analysis and visualization of geoinformation.

Your interests

  • developing and implementing innovative solutions to problems of spatial data handling and development

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Your background

  • mathematics
  • programming

Features of the profile

The methodology- and technology-oriented curriculum emphasizes spatial, mathematical and algorithmic reasoning as well as software programming and the utilization of software for recent problems, e.g., in urban planning. The profile covers geoinformation systems (GIS), spatial data mining, automated cartography and geovisualization, spatial analysis of real estate markets, and land valuation. Moreover, it addresses methods for the integration, conflation, and abstraction of spatial data, the analysis of trajectories and transport networks, agent-based models of land use, multi-criteria assessment and optimization methods for spatial decision support systems in urban planning and land management, smart cities, spatial data infrastructures, spatial databases, as well as location-based services.


If you choose this profile, you will collect expert knowledge and valuable experiences in project-oriented courses. The skills that you will obtain will prepare you for a successful career in academia, the software industry, planning offices, land-management administrations, engineering companies or mapping authorities. Cours es are taught by internationally renowned experts in geoinformation science, spatial planning, and automated cartography.

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