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Geodesy and Geoinformation

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It is important to have a good overview in order to get through your studies successfully. On this page we have compiled a lot of information about the Master's Program "Geodetic Engineering" so that you don't lose your orientation.


In order to obtain the Master's degree at the end of the course, the knowledge and skills acquired during the course are regularly tested. You can find out which requirements exist in the form of examination regulations in order to check the performance as objectively as possible on the pages of the examination office.



Structure of the study program and what is behind the different modules.

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Module Manual

Descriptions of the individual modules with the most important information.

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Course Catalog

Compilation of search queries from the electronic course catalog.

The Professors

Here you can get an overview of our professors and get to the respective websites of the working groups.

Study Abroad

If you are interested in studying abroad, you can find all the information about the general conditions here.

Where is it ?

For a quick overview: All locations around the study program

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