Geodetic Earth System Science and Data Analysis

About the profile

The M.Sc. profile “Geodetic Earth System Science and Data Analysis” in the University of Bonn's Geodetic Engineering program focuses on how advanced satellite- and space-geodetic observation techniques, in combination with innovative data processing and modeling approaches, provide us with adequate information to make appropriate decisions based on empirical results and their interpretation.

The profile offers a unique opportunity to collaborate with other geoscientific disciplines in Bonn and neighboring institutions on monitoring and understanding changes in the terrestrial, atmospheric and oceanic environment through analyzing and interpreting data recorded from satellite sensors and global observation networks.

Your interests

  • geodesy,
  • gravity,
  • Earth rotation,
  • climate change,
  • sea level,
  • mass transports in the Earth system,
  • Earth observation,
  • satellite technology,
  • adjustment techniques and optimization methods,
  • other topics related to Geodetic Earth System science

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Your background

  • Solid exposure to math, physics, and programming
  • Geodesy, (Geo-)physics, Oceanography, Environmental Sciences, Climate Sciences, Communications Engineering, Space Sciences…,

Features of the profile

  • flexibility in designing a personal program for each student.
  • elective courses and project topics that allow gaining in-depth knowledge in the following topics
    • space- and satellite geodetic sensors/terrestrial networks,
    • reference frame realization,
    • integration of data with geoscientific models
    • data analysis techniques using high-performance computing.


The profile aims to provide students with expertise and capabilities required to work in academia, geoscientific research institutions, geodetic, environmental and space agencies, and Earth observation or space technology companies. Courses are taught by internationally renowned experts in Geodetic Earth System Science, space gravimetry and space geodesy, sea level observation, and data analysis.

Lecturer in the Profile

Astronomical, Physical and Mathematical Geodesy

Avatar Kusche

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kusche



Nußallee 17

53115 Bonn

+49 228 73-2629

Geodetic Earth System Research

Avatar Schindelegger

Jun.-Prof. Dr. techn.­ Michael Schindelegger



Nußallee 15

53115 Bonn

+49 228 73-6345

Theoretical Geodesy

Avatar Schuh

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolf-Dieter Schuh



Nußallee 17

53115 Bonn

+49 228 73-2626

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